New Roots Historic Restoration L.L.C.

Since 1986, AIC Since 2000

“New Roots “is a full-service Small, Minority, Women-Owned and Veteran (Pending) business for  restoration,/repainting , preservation, conservation and maintenance of aircraft, rockets, other historic military  artifacts , sculptures and monuments. Our field of expertise includes restoration/repainting  of  static displays: tanks, rockets , aircraft, submarines etc., bronze, brass, copper and zinc sculptures, cleaning with lasers, walnut shells, soda, dry ice  and just old school manual cleaning,. We are experts in  fabrication and reproduction of architectural elements and other missing  parts of the artifacts. and  high - end painting.

 New Roots Historic restoration, LLC was originally established on January 13, 1986  by  former Marine Kurt Holt , and architectural conservator Mike Cart.  Since  we  have restored  over 200 static displays: airplanes, rockets, cannons and tanks. We  have worked on  the restoration of the  Arlington Cemetery, VA, Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC , Lyric and Ford Theaters in NYC. We are proud of our  conservation  projects  in Savannah, GA , the Monument Terrace in Lynchburg, VA, the Capitol Building in Harrisburg, PA, the Smithsonian Museums, the Statue of Liberty in NYC, and  hundreds of restored military artifacts all across the USA and overseas.